Monday, June 14, 2010

writing advice

I only spend about five to fifteen minutes composing and posting my blog every morning except Sunday. Looking back at it I wish that I could spend more time. I think about what to write about sometimes as I’m wrapping up the previous one, sometimes the night before or the next morning. Sometimes I make it up as I go.
If I had more time I would try to write better. I used to say that the best advice that one writer could give another was ‘keep writing’. Yes, that is very good and that is what I do. But at what cost? I heard another piece of advice one writer give another and that was this: ‘Good Sentences’.
Reading back over some of my writings I am pleased to see that I have a rhythm. But I have too many adverbs and passive sentences in my opinion. So I wish that I could take more time to make my writing better. Grammar and spelling are vital, but I really want to write better sentences. If this blog is good practice than it’s worth it. Bear with me and thanks for reading.

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