Wednesday, June 16, 2010

plethoras of creations

I probably don’t have the journals that I wrote daily in school in 5th and 6th grade. I remember most of the time just jotting a few sentences down saying what had happened the previous day and then I would draw a picture to illustrate it.
If I were to look back at the journal entries they might say I went home from school, played in my room and watched TV. I liked drawing the picture most of all. I liked drawing so much back then that journal entries will report that ZI went to an art class on Wednesdays. Lahaina was full of artists back then. One of them facilitated an art class for children in her studio. There was little structure or instruction. I mostly drew pictures and I was unconcerned with detail or realism.
I still have spiral notebooks full of drawings that I made over 30 years ago. I made up a line of cars and spacecraft and a whole plethora of superheroes. It wasn’t the drawing that I liked as much as the creating. Moving on to writing was a natural progression.

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