Thursday, June 10, 2010

the good the bad and the in between

In my teens I considered joining the Maui Police Department. My dad was a police Chaplin to them so one night we both got to ride in a police cruiser around Lahaina. I had a ball sitting in the back grinning and waving to some ladies. They smiled back and shook their fingers in a shame on you gesture. I shrugged and smiled again. I have never been in the bad boy club. It was fun to pretend.
At a very young age whenever we played cops and robbers I never wanted to be the bad guy. Being bad was wrong and that was that. I was baffled that people would root for the Klingons on Star Trek or wear shirts that declared ‘Darth Vader Lives’.
That night riding with the police department I listed to the officer and watched his frustration one of his colleagues who was speeding. I learned that like everywhere, there are good guys and bad guys. I decided not to be a cop.
And everywhere there are good and bad people. Teachers, pastors, and even doctors have both and in between. Just lately I have learned that we have our good and bad days too. Some days I’m a bad dad. But being a good guy I try to get over it and move on.

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