Thursday, June 24, 2010

still spinning

I didn’t blog yesterday. I woke up later than usual and then spent the morning shopping. Thank God for Costco when you’ve got a big family. After Costco I went to a natural foods store to get bulk cereal. We usually have hot cereal for breakfast even through the summer. Benjamin makes oatmeal or Harrison cooks farina to make cream of wheat or corn meal to make a porridge that the kids call corn meal mush or muck. That’s the one hot cereal I don’t care for and I don’t think the kids like it either but sometimes it’s necessary for a little variety.

I also bought a multi-pack of Spam. The kids and I all love Spam and hopefully we can have it with eggs and rice some morning soon. Prajna can’t stand the stuff so I don’t open a can when she’s home. I also home to make some musubi with it on a day I can take it to work to share.

When I got home from everything the house was empty. Prajna and the kids had gone to see Toy Story III. It was about noon. I ate for the first time that day and went to Starbucks to real for about an hour before work.

So I didn’t brew a pot of coffee yesterday and I didn’t blog. The world kept turning anyway.

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