Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good work, stagehands

After I survived almost being dragged by a car and killed I wondered if perhaps I had just sustained some bizarre head injury and was in a coma dreaming everything. For years after I thought that maybe everything was a dream and if this was so I was pretty creative to dream Star Wars and stuff. I thought that the world would be entertained if they could tap into my dreams and watch them daily like a TV show or like the Talosians watched Captain Pike’s thoughts and dreams in classic Star Trek.
Speaking of paranoid delusions I also considered that when I was riding in an airplane that I was not actually traveling anywhere. The plane was sitting somewhere with people working outside to rearrange the scenery. Why else would opening the door be forbidden? And the planes that flew over me were other people who were in on the conspiracy.
I don’t know how normal it is for a school age kid to be half convinced that most of the world is in on something cover-up and it is all against him. Anyone who knows me now might think I’m a little paranoid still but not nearly as much as before. All of this, however is very small compared to the strangest thing that I believed in some of my young years.

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