Thursday, June 3, 2010

we left the cart full of toys in the line

In the interstate ten freeway in Redlands, California there is a beautifully landscaped interchange to the 210 freeway. In 2001 it was still called the 30 freeway. There are rocks and waterfalls and plants. This is where I figured our child would be born if we didn’t have him at home.
Sarah was born in just under an hour and Prajna’s hospital stay after was not helpful. So having the next child at home made great sense. We found a wonderful midwife and had prenatal visits with her.
Even with the comfort knowing about a home birth that was a difficult year. Naomi relapsed in the late summer. And in September of that year it was scary to know you were bringing a child into the changed world.
Prajna and I were Christmas shopping in San Bernardino the evening of December 1st. We were just 5 minutes from Loma Linda University Medical Center and Prajna water broke. We made it home in time. Jamie was born.

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