Saturday, June 12, 2010

home alone

I’ve been having a busy week at work with three graduation ceremonies in four days. With other events going on, some nights have been exhausting. I like being busy at work though. I am able to get everything done in my eight hours most of the time. I usually work alone and listen to audio books.
Last night the ladies picking up after the graduation reception gave me two plates of cookies. A few weeks ago a group gave me a chocolate cake. If these people think that all it takes is a little food to placate me, well that’s where they’re right.
Some evenings I will be the only person on that big dark campus. People ask me if I have a problem being there alone at night and of course I don’t. I’m one of those people who really likes being alone and I don’t get freaked out on big dark campuses.
This morning Prajna and the kids left for Murrieta and I’m home alone. I like being with my family most of the time though so this I don’t like so much. I’ll probably cook myself something, wander around the house and then go to work early.

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