Tuesday, June 8, 2010

fish sticks and Dr. Seuss

When Prajna and I were new parents we subscribed to Parents Magazine and even gave a subscription as a gift to friends. We haven’t had it for about a decade now but looking at the cover is amusing now. The theory of the month resurfaces regularly and the tips and tricks that parents send in can be funny too. (We solved eating problems…we just give him a fish stick for every meal!)
And yes, I’ve been told that I could write a parenting book. Maybe I could. But so could a lot of other homeschool families with 5 or more kids. And while Harrison taught himself to read when he was two, Benjamin didn’t start reading until he was six. If I’ve learned anything about parenting cutting six umbilical cords it is that kids are different.
So I can’t write a parenting book to advise anything except love your children unconditionally. Know what makes them different from other kids. I can only suggest other things like put a little variety in their meals and read them lots of books.

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