Wednesday, June 9, 2010

special time

When Harrison was young we would spend a lot of time together. After his nap we would go for a walk or play at a playground. In Budapest we would walk or ride to a train station and watch trains sometimes.
Back in Kihei, Maui we would go for walks and sometimes collect caterpillars to take home. We would put them in a jar and watch them create their chrysalis and eventually be butterflies.
The other kids never go as much one on one time as the first-born. Naomi got a lot of time driving to and from hospitals. She and I like to go for walks inside Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We would find a window to look out onto Vermont Avenue or the Hollywood Hills.
Nowadays Nathaniel keeps track for me who is up for special time. This means going to the store or maybe lunch. The other day Nathaniel and I drove out to the Cabazon Outlet Malls to get some shoes for me. We saw trains on the way and visited the dinosaurs when we were done. It was a cheap date but Nathaniel was thrilled. So was I.

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