Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and now there are two

My son, Benjamin is 13 years old today. Sometimes I think that parents of one child are more clueless than parents with no children. Sorry, that’s no very nice and not very true either. But I didn’t really learn about kids until we had our second because Naomi was very different from Harrison.
Sometimes I shudder to think what Naomi might have been like as a teenager. She was already a very over-the-top drama queen. But now I don’t know. Harrison had a difficult childhood in his school-age years. Then as a teen he somewhat mellowed out.
Benjamin has been a very amiable and helpful kid all the time. Now as he becomes a teenager he’s starting to bristle a little bit. And here am I who thinks himself an experienced parent having to think on his feet again. Well good. I has getting too comfortable anyway.

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