Saturday, June 26, 2010

planetary conflicts

I had a couple of friends in the fourth and fifth grade and in the sixth grade I had more than a couple. It was the first time since the second grade that I had friends like that. My friends accepted my claims to be an alien as some game and one even told me about his home planet where rhinoceroses were sentient.
In the eighth grade my speech class had to give a brief life story. I went in with all seriousness and told how I was from another planet. Three years previous it had been amusing. But in the eighth grade it was no longer cool. Popular kids, surfers and skaters, brains, locals, pretty much everyone expressed their distain for me and my beliefs.
Things grew worse in the ninth grade. I had abandoned most weirdness except that I wore a jacket to school every day without exception. (I think I believed my home planet was warmer than Hawaii.)
Then in tenth grade I joined up with a community youth theatre and everything changed forever.

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