Friday, June 11, 2010

brightness through the grey

I made a late breakfast this morning of leftover rice, beans that were given to us and eggs. As I was washing up the breakfast stuff Sarah came and asked me if I wanted to hear a poem she wrote. I told her yes, when I had less distractions in a few minutes. Then Harrison came and asked me if I wanted to hear the new music he composed. I told him yes, after I heard Sarah’s poem.
I really don’t see how I can ever complain about anything if I’m telling my oldest son that I will come and hear his composition after I hear his sister’s poem. Harrison has a CD burned with some of his music and I listen to it in my truck sometimes.
Sarah’s poem was more of a prose narrative indicating an attack of a character with a spear. Sarah devours books like candy and likes to try her and at stories.
The remaining three kids I haven’t bragged about. Benjamin just tried and failed to fix an old game console and Jamie and Nathaniel are bored because it’s cold and grey outside. The real temptation is to put a DVD on for them to placate their boredom. But I’m going to hold out and not squash their opportunity to find something to do on their own. It may be too much to ask that I will have three more artists, but I won’t get in the way.

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