Friday, June 4, 2010

he's more like her than anyone

We learned that Prajna was pregnant with our sixth child just before we learned that Naomi’s cancer had spread to her bone marrow and she didn’t have much time left. Naomi never saw her brother on this side of heaven.
I lost my teaching job in April of 2003 five months after Naomi died. On July second of that year I started a new job as a land surveyor. The due date came and went. Then Sunday morning after the longest labor the smallest baby we had was born.
Nathaniel Patrick Faux was not what we were used to. Fussy and needy more than all other children combined. Maybe that was a time we needed to be needed though.
Nathaniel was also a late talker. He was more manageable once he could be understood. He has an amazing ability to remember numbers and sequences. He has the heart of a planner in charge. He will be seven years old in a month and a day and we still call him Pickle.

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