Saturday, June 19, 2010

I do have an unselfish point here

The news radio yesterday reported a study that dads are really not that important and that a child will turn out just fine with just a mom or two. I’m not making this up it was on KFI 640 at 7:00 pm. I rarely take studies at their word because I’m convinced that any study can be manipulated to manufacture the desired result.
But it still rubbed me the wrong way. There are so many single moms out there that maybe this comes as good news to them. I can’t think of any other reason to put out a study like this other than to reassure moms of children with no dad in the home.
Well I’ve made it my purpose to make myself indispensable to my children. If that study had studied me they would have found a dad whose role is vital to the family. I am not a background character in a sitcom dopey dad go ask your mom dad. I spend time with my kids, help them with decisions, disapprove of their bad ones, and love them unconditionally. Most of all I love them unconditionally and try my best to show them that. I want my sons to be good dads and my daughter to marry a good dad. And yes I pray for them every day too.
Well what a self righteous rant this has been. Let me end by taking it away from myself and say this. I know lots of dads and we all want to be the best dads we can be. Most dads I know are essential to their families. This is for all of them. Happy Father’s day dads.

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  1. Thanks for your take on that, Dave. It is far from a self rightous rant. I wish all men had the same feeling that you have. I am so sick of seeing the portryal of fathers and husbands on television.

    I am right there with you in making myself indespensible to my son. He will always know where his father is. As I never really knew where mine was from about 5-10 years of age.

    As much as I dislike California.. I will never leave my son. I may not have been able to keep my marriage together but Joshua will never have to worry about who his daddy is. I will continue to keep my relationship with him as strong as I possibly can.

    I respect you as a father. You have always been a wonderful dad. Happy Fathers Day to you as well.