Monday, May 24, 2010

toasted bagels with butter

Prajna overheard me tell the emergency room personnel that she was my fiancée. I had never called her that until the day of her car accident and it just came naturally. She was laid up in Maui Memorial Hospital for two weeks whit her broken femur. I visited her every day.
Prajna lost her job at Maui Bagel and I was able to help support her financially. When she asked how her can was I had the heartbreaking job of telling her it would never drive again. Months later I helped her get a Toyota Corona. We ended up driving that car on our honeymoon and to the hospital when our fist child was born.
I don’t think that Prajna was ever in any life-threatening danger in the emergency room. The doctor who came and told us that there could be bone fragments in her blood was just baffled at Prajna’s delirious reaction to the meds. She was asking folks if they wanted cream cheese on their bagels.
But my life was save that night. I wrote about it in the previous entry. This entry just tied up loose ends.

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