Thursday, May 27, 2010

I started out as the new kid in third grade after moving to Hawaii. For the next few years I didn’t really have friends. I would usually befriend a new kid, be friends with them awhile and then they would leave again or move on to other friends.
In sixth grade I finally had friends that I was able to keep. And then in the seventh grade another new kid showed up. He had come from another part of the state but before that he was from Australia. Alan’s accent intrigued our peers. Teacher’s liked his manners and musical talent.
Our friendship went through several rocky points over the years. We had our disagreements. But we were always back being there for each other. And that was the most important thing. We were there for each other when we needed a friend.
Alan left for Australia shortly after we graduated high school. We lost touch until a year or so ago and we’re on FB.
The last note he wrote me was in our senor yearbook. He wrote ‘Thanks for showing me what friendship is.’

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