Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Most days when I visit this site there have been no hits anyway. But it’s okay. I enjoy talking to myself. I have written a lot so far to explain who I am by recounting my past. Just like my novella Icarus, I feel the need to write a lot of back-story.
One of my major character flaws however is that I tend to live in the past. More than that, I am never mindful of the future. I do very well in the moment. But I have a mentality like I’m driving through thick fog and my foglights only shine directly in front of me. I can’t worry about the bend in the road because it isn’t here yet. I may be too busy gazing in my mirror reminiscing about how much nicer the road was just a bit back.
I wrote a novella, now what? No plans. I have a great job with great co-workers, but not a lot of room for advancement. Get a more challenging job in the future? The future? Where is that?
Go back to school? That is another back-story.

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