Monday, May 17, 2010

homeschool dad

I was a schoolteacher in Budapest, Hungary from 1996 to 1998. After that I was a substitute teacher on Maui for a year and a half and later on I taught at a juvenile placement facility for three years.
None of that was like homeschooling. The closest it feels is when a student might have had trouble and I was able to stand or sit by their desk for as long as possible and coach, guide, encourage, teach.
Through my years of teaching of course I had favorite students. But I didn’t see any of them born, clean skinned knees, nap with, or discipline in a corporal way.
I must admit I love the five kids I have now more than any student I ever taught. I’m their dad. It’s what I do. So I teach math out of love. I force spelling on a weeping 12 year old with a heavy heart because MS word is correcting this document for me as I write it and yes what good is it anyway?
Yes I have reminded him of job applications, order forms for airplane parts and the like.
I take delight along with the young ones as their printing improves. I shine with pride when my daughter shows me the story she’s writing.
I will blog more about the family over the weeks.

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