Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I married my wife in 1993. Her name is Prajna. I always get a kick out of people staring at her and repeating her name slowly. The name is from the Sanskrit language that translates as ‘The peace that comes with wisdom’.
Prajna was away in the Air National Guard when I moved back to Maui after college. Her mom gave me a thumbs up when I blasted Jimi Hendrix over the sound system at the community theatre for a sound check.
Prajna participated in the Youth theatre’s annual dance concert later that summer and also helped out technically. When she showed up wearing BDU’s I was stunned that anyone could look so pretty in military fatigues.
Over the next few months we went to movies, she helped me move, I cooked her supper (Kraft ® macaroni and cheese) and we talked on the phone a lot. She helped me quit smoking and got me going to her Pentecostal church.
I don’t want to keep blogging for years and just refer to her as ‘my wife’ or “my better half’. Her name is Prajna and I thank God every day for her.

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