Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Faux Children

I am a father of six. I usually tell folks that I’m a father of five just to avoid saying that I lost a daughter to cancer in 2002.
I didn’t know very much about parenting and children when I became a dad. And I didn’t really start to grow as a dad until I had our second child. Naomi was so different from Harrison and I realized a solid law of the universe: kids are different.
Harrison was a fussy newborn but then settled down to a kid who could be left alone to amuse himself looking at his toys and babbling. Naomi hated being left alone and cried in the church nursery.
Benjamin cried a lot too but was a great eater and pretty easygoing. Sarah was mellow and friendly. Jamie was probably the easiest of them all. Then Nathaniel came along and was the neediest of all.
As the kids grow they change. But underlying personality remains. Harrison is passionate about music and magic taking care of young children. Benjamin is still something of a follower and goes with the flow. Sarah is artistic and loves to write and draw. Jamie loves to please people. Nathaniel is an organizer.
The Faux children.

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