Monday, May 31, 2010

first born

Prajna told me she was three and a half weeks pregnant about a month after our wedding. That evening we ran into a friend with a new son and she asked us if we were going to have kids. Prajna and I paused.
“Yeah,” I said. “We’re going to litter the world with them.”
The folks at my work were happy for me. “Kids are great,” said Uncle Cliffy and went on to tell me about his son crapping all over his bare belly.
When Prajna was obviously showing, I loved walking through the mall with her. I strutted with the attitude of ‘hey see what I did?’
We drove to Maui Memorial Hospital on the evening of October 9th. He was born around 7 the next morning. We didn’t know that he was a boy until he popped out. Suddenly “The Baby” was My Son. I drove home later that day saying out loud: I have a son!
As I write this he is strumming his guitar in his room. He taught himself to play. He’ll be 17 in four months, ten days. His first name is actually David and his middle name is Harrison.

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