Saturday, May 15, 2010

KNUI Radio

I had a KNUI dream last night. Dreams where I am back at the radio station are the only recurring dreams I have. Usually it is night and the reels are running out and there is dead air. Last night I thought to myself ‘wow I’m always dreaming this.’
When graduated college in 1990 with a degree in Communication I went on to deliver Pizzas for half a year before moving back to Maui. After recording a public service announcement for The Baldwin Theatre Guild at KNUI radio I asked for a job. A week later I was doing weekends. Saturday afternoon I played Dick Bartley’s show over the satellite feed. The FM was automated and the AM joined up with the FM at 7 pm.
Sunday morning I played The Real Don Steele’s ‘Live from the Sixties’. It was on LP records. In the afternoon I played Dick Clark’s ‘Rock Roll and Remember’.
I started nights in April of 1991. I worked from 11 pm to 7 am. Most of the time the station was automated and I produced music reels, recorded commercials and set things up for the morning show.
The job was fun and exciting. I turned translucently pale from lack of sunshine. I barely slept weekends. I did the morning show once in a while and hearing my voice doing a commercial on the radio never got old.
I got married in 1993 and then had a son the same year. The hours got difficult. When a day shift opened up the radio station didn’t let me into it. I was right for my position. I was reliable for the graveyard shift and was a good producer. They felt I was best suited to nights and not being on the air in the days.
It was time to go.
My next job as an airport shuttle van driver paid more and was pretty fun too. It lacked the excitement and fleeting glory of coffeepot radio though. Another day I may blog about emergencies, The Eddie Sales Variety Show, strange phone calls and more.
It was a fun chunk of my young life.

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