Friday, May 28, 2010


I was computer literate before most people. My buddy Danny and I would co into Sears and put the Commodore 64 computers into infinite loops. I was a member of a BBS in the 1989 and 1990 before the internet really existed. Because I was on a BBS I needed a handle. I was Dragonfox.
Dragonfox suggested a fantasy mixing with my reality. Cleverness and mystery mixed with power and nobility. Chat friends loved it.
I joined up with other message boards and I liked names that alluded to activity. I had used flaredodger before. But I created my favorite handle when I joined the Straight Dope Message Board I picked out a new name. I was Roadwalker.
Roadwalker could mean walking the straight and narrow. It meant traveler. It meant someone who takes their time and does not run.
I had more fun when I started making movies with Windows Movie Maker and created a film label called Roadwalker Media. ®
Now my blog is called Roadwalker. I was stoked when Blogger had the name available.
All this stuff I have created has no substance. It’s all electronic data and cyber-space.
I have had a part in if not creating at least shaping the lives of my kids. It’s about time I write about them.

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