Thursday, May 20, 2010


I started with the idea for an automated type of fighting spaceship. I speculated that in the future no pilot would have to sit in a real cockpit and take life threatening risks. I imagined what a remote control might be like. I got to wondering what if the pilot could be mentally connected to his ship and fly it using his mind. Then I wondered what it might be like if the pilot’s ship was destroyed or worse, lost.
Then the idea for my Icarus story began to develop. I imagined a burned out ex-pilot walking around streets of a dystopian city. He would recognize other ex-pilots and turn away in disgust and embarrassment.
As the story came together for me I created a time not to much in the future where an ex-pilot meets up with an old wingman and his past life catches up with him. He is given the opportunity to go find his lost fighter ship. But he had sunk into such a paranoid state that he can barely function.
That is pretty much what my novel is about. It’s just over 50,000 words and I have only titled it Icaurs so far.
Looking back at it I am proud for accampishing a real novella. But I also look at it and see all the work it needs. I’ve got a lot of narrative back-story that clutters it up. There are some loose areas that need tightening. Maybe I will. It felt good just to write it. What happens now to it doesn’t matter much.
That sounds like a bad attitude. I’m just not sure where to go now.

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