Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My word of the day today was navel-gazing which means useless or exsesssive self contemplation.
That's what I think most blogs are about. The age of technology where everyone fancies themself a writer. Perhaps they think they're misunderstood except for the few other artists out there or that they are loved by more readers than they can count.
Hooray for the internet and DSL and laptops that allow us not only to contemplate the scummy lint we discover but also to share it with the world.
Oh yes, I have to think that I'm different because I am on to this right? It anything sets me apart actually it's that I've been journaling since the 5th grade. That is about 31 years.
Over the next few days or weeks I want to copy and paste a few writings I have done that will create a picture of who I am.
For now, I am a married father of six children. Five are living. Naomi died of cancer before her 7th birthday. That was December 2002. My youngest has just passed that age.
I'm in Southern California. I grew up in Hawaii. My wife just ran her first 5k and is a shift supervisor at Starbucks. I work at church facilities.
If you are reading this it really makes me feel warm and happy inside. If you check in often you may read more about me, my family, my past and other things. I will try to craft good sentences with as few adverbs as possible.
Maybe I'll think of a witty sign-off too.
until then

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