Thursday, September 30, 2010

what else is there

I met dozens of people every day in the two years I drove an airport shuttle. I still remember some passengers after 15 years. Some were that rude or that friendly. I often got asked how long I had lived on Maui to which I replied 10 or 11 years. The response was the same: ‘You must like it here.’
Well of course I liked living on Maui. I moved there in 1975 so I grew up there and the only time I spent away was college on Oahu. I really didn’t understand the mentality of picking up and moving.
The best thing about moving is that Prajna and I started dating when she helped me move. When I came back from college I lived in a bachelor pad near the beach with a couple other guys. The graveyard shift was tough and I really wanted a place of my own and when I found one Prajna and another friend helped me move. I think we did it in one trip. I had a couple boxes, a trunk and a computer. My furniture was no more than a bookshelf, a futon and a dresser and maybe a nightstand.
Prajna and had a place together when we were married. It was a cozy house in Haiku. Then we moved to a condominium in Kihei. When we went to Budapest Hungary it was like taking a trip. When we came home it was like moving. We had been there two years and had another child. We could take two bags per plane ticket and my sister came to visit and help us home. But we still packed and repacked and took more and more stuff out of boxes and suitcases. It took so long to load the airport shuttle van we almost missed the plane.
After a year back in Kihei we moved to Yucaipa. We hired movers for this but it was still stressful trying to sell our condo and get to California because Naomi had a bone marrow transplant and we had a deadline to meet.
We lived for 6 years in a house on Wildwood Canyon Road. Jamie and Nathaniel were born there. Then we moved to where we are now. The packing, the cleaning, the lifting, the anxiety and stress of moving caused Prajna to declare that we would never move again. I agreed. “You must like it here? Yeah that and I really don’t care for moving.
We are moving again in a few months.

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