Friday, September 24, 2010


My regular hours at my work are from 2 pm to 11 pm with an hour for lunch halfway through. I leave for work after lunch. I used to read to the youngest boys and put them down for a nap before showering and leaving but they don’t nap as much any more.
I get to work and check the schedule and then usually begin setting and cleaning rooms for evening events. My work phone may interrupt me and there may be boxes to move or paper towels to stock. By late afternoon I’ve got everything ready usually and I might do small cleaning jobs before I take a lunch break. There always seem to be leaf encrusted cobwebs clinging to the sides of buildings that I can sweet away.
I take an hour lunch. I may eat leftovers or a frozen dinner or once in a while go get something. I usually prop my feet up and read my book too.
In the evening I clean offices and restrooms and then get set what I can for the next day.
Some days my routine is completely destroyed by a large event. I don’t mind the disruption. For the most part I am in control of what I do at work. It’s a safe place. I work alone and listen to audio books. I enjoy being alone.
Yesterday I turned in my two week notice of resignation.
I was offered a similar position at my home church. I will have 40 hours but I don’t know the days or hours yet. They may be flexible.
I’m very happy about all the good in this. But there are things to be sad about too. Most of all I will miss co-workers. And of course the safety and predictability that I rely on is gone too. Permanent change in routine is not my favorite thing especially when it’s out of my control.
But in this economy I was sought out and offered a job. That’s exciting and humbling. God still has plans for me.


  1. We will greatly miss you David, you are an inspiration to me in so many ways! You always have a kind word and smile to share. I am glad you are not always alone, you have so much to give to those around you! Thank you for your humble attitude and willingness to flex and bend when things are thrown your way. Beleive me it is so appreciated! Change isnt easy for any of us, but as long as you have sought God's will in this move and he is leading you, you will be blessed!
    PS make sure you get vacation/sick pay and insurance too.
    Love you brother! Lisa

  2. Hi David! Thank you again for all your help whenever I called you to come move boxes out of the front office and to deliver them where they needed to go. You have always been so prompt with a willing heart. I will miss your sense of humor and your servanthood. May God bless you and your family abundantly with your new job and house to live in. Sincerely, Julie H.