Thursday, September 16, 2010


This blog can often be jejune. Jejune means sophomoric or immature. My first blog ever here used the term: navel gazing. I got both these terms in my inbox. I subscribe to words of the day. I do have a fondness for word and phrases. When I learn a new word I use is as often as I can to the chagrin of others. Usually I taper off after a while or forget about it after a time.
On the same subject of words is this: Growing up I almost never got into fistfights. Most often I would talk my way out of something or use words to hurt. Once was I was in third grade and my sister was in kindergarten she came to my saying a boy was teasing her. So one teased my sister but me so I set off to find him and ended up with a few others following to see if there would be a fight. There wasn’t. I don’t remember what I said to the boy but I only talked to him quietly for a minute and he walked away crying.
Nowadays Prajna is urging me to go to the gym but I would rather stay home in the early morning and write. I will not deny that working out physically would reduce my weight and increase my durability. But my mind is more important to me so here I am sipping coffee slinging words. It’s what I do.

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