Wednesday, September 29, 2010

meaningful candy

On the way home from piano practice yesterday Harrison shared candy with me. If Jolly Rancher’s are not the best tasting candies of their kind I don’t want to taste what may be better at least while I’m driving lest I have an accident. They were chewy Jolly Ranchers so they didn’t last a long time like the original hard candies but they tasted the same. The first one he gave me was watermelon flavor which is my favorite. Cherry and grape are favorites too. I don’t know why anyone bothers making orange candy.
Before I left for work yesterday I said goodbye to Jamie and Nathaniel who each has a party favor bag they were sorting through. In addition to little noisemakers was candy. Prajna and I were remembering the other day when we were kids we got candy on special holidays and that was pretty much it. We do our best nowadays and the kids still have their teeth intact.
After saying goodbye to the boys I started walking up the driveway to my truck. Before I go to it Jamie came sprinting up barefoot on the hot pavement and gave me an orange sucker. There was such love in that gift that I kept it in my front pocket that afternoon and evening just to remember how happy he was to give it to me. When I ate it I thought that I must be doing something right in being a dad. Not because I got an orange lollypop but that I loved it as much as the Jolly Ranchers.

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