Wednesday, September 15, 2010

superfriends of today

When I watched old cartoons from the 40’s there was a common underlying theme. I even remember a parrot singing in one of them: “Leave well enough alone.” That’s even an underlying theme in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy promises to not stray away seeking adventure. So the mentality of American culture back then seemed to say be satisfied with what you have and don’t compromise your situation with unnecessary risks.
I’m sure that there were accepted exceptions to this belief. Young men and women took risks in war, space exploration, inventions, and business. But all of those bettered society.
Nowadays the message to the children seems to be: “You can do whatever you want to do.” The only restriction on this credo is ‘don’t hurt the environment’. Actually there is another restriction and that is don’t question the ‘no limits’ doctrine or you’re a hater.
I don’t know if I was around when this great shift in society took place but I have a good idea when it took place. It’s the way the world is now and we live in the world. I may continue to question the freedom being taught to young children in government schools and the cartoons aren’t what they used to be. But I know several young people who have run with this “Do whatever you want to do” belief. They are fighting for social justice and human rights. Not freedom from censure rights dressed as civil rights but serious causes like human trafficking and world hunger.
While it’s easy to despair for the world while watching reality TV one can have hope if they pray for the generation trying to make a good difference.

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