Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mission Outreach

Tomorrow night Prajna and Harrison leave home on their mission outreach. They will leave Los Angeles at 1:50 in the morning and arrive in Taipei after a 13 ½ hour flight. Then they fly to Jakarta and stay in a hotel for a half a day. Finally they island hop to their final destination, Jayapura, Indonesia. Jayapura is the capital of Papua on the island of New Guinea.
Yes, of course I’m concerned for them. Even though the drive to Los Angeles is more dangerous than the flight, my wife and oldest son are going to be on the other side of the world. Indonesia has earthquakes and radical Islam. But I’m not overly concerned that way either. I guess I’m just sad that they will miss me and the rest of the family as must as we miss them. I won’t be able to rub Prajna’s feet if they’re sore. That’s where I’m most concerned.
Your prayers and support have been integral in these past weeks. We will continue to need them.

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