Thursday, July 8, 2010

inflammatory proselytizing

I lot of my Facebook friends use their statuses to proselytize. The odd for me is that I have friends all over the political, religious and lifestyle spectrum. Sometimes I feel stuck in the middle. I usually don’t comment on inflammatory issues although I may like something once in a while.
A year or so ago I wrote and posted a note on Facebook that generated a lot of comments, mostly negative and I even got unfriended by one person. I appreciated the intelligent discussion with once friend who disagreed with me and we’re still friends in real life as well as FB.
But my lack of proselytizing does not mean that I don’t have strong opinions about some issues. I also have unpopular opinions on some inflammatory issues. I don’t post them to FB status mostly because I think that that is not the place for it. I think that this blog is a much better venue for venting, preaching, or whining. But if you go back and read every blog I’ve posted you won’t see anything terribly seditious.
I don’t think that if I post anything that it will accomplish anything. I won’t change anyone’s mind if it’s made up already. I assume most people know where I stand anyway. But I’ve decided that to strengthen my blog I don’t want to leave any question about where I stand. So to my friends who read this, I love you guys, but tomorrow is post number 50 and I want to just say how I feel about some things. I may or may not hurt some feelings.

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  1. Hmmmm.....

    I remember that post. I thought it was a healthy, riveting debate.

    Of course you can't change someones view completely. But you can plant a seed inside someones heart or head. I'm am certain we have things we will wholeheartedly disagree on....however you two definitely have impacted me in ways that have changed me and my life....