Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it had me at the first image

I sat in the dark theatre listening to music. I decided I liked the third song played and I would tell my family which was my favorite. But this was the summer of 1977 and I was in a movie theatre listening to recorded pre-show music. I completely forgot any of it.
My father told me he was hearing about a great new movie called War of the Stars or something. Minutes after my dad read me the opening crawl I tried to call out to my mom to look because there was that robot that looked like a vacuum cleaner with the actor inside. When I saw the young hero driving his floating air-car my dad on one side and cousin on the other both turned to me and asked me how do you like that car, David? The noise of the garbage chute frightened me, but then when Threepio hears the heros shouting for joy and thinks they’re dying I thought that was the funniest part. I had trouble retelling that to my grandma, though.
I saw the film several more times in the theatre and became pretty enamored to it. Luke Skywalker was my favorite character. I wished more than anything for a machine that I could just watch it again and again. I have that now, but it’s flawed. Han shot first.

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