Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the line of seriousness

My daughter, Sarah has an ear infection so I took her to the doctor yesterday. None of my children have a primary care physician so we went to urgent care. We didn’t even have medical insurance a year and a half ago when Sarah tripped and broke her finger. We ended up having to go to the county hospital.
They confirmed that Sarah’s finger was broken and said she needed surgery. I questioned the need for it and the doctor sort of bristled at that. I wanted to apologize and explain that going through neuroblastoma and all the side effects from it and the treatment that it was hard not to be dismissive about a broken finger.
Fixing the broken finger was not as difficult as signing up for retroactive insurance but I managed that and Sarah managed to have her surgery and wake up without trying to kill anyone the way her older sister did.
Yesterday I presented Sarah’s insurance card. (Starbucks takes great care of their employees this way) and the clinic and pharmacy accepted it with no problem. It’s hard to take illness and injuries seriously after dealing with a worst case scenario. I’m pretty flippant most of the time about everything all the time anyway.

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