Saturday, November 6, 2010


My buddy from a long time back is on Facebook now. Facebook being the social black hole that it is and nothing can escape it not even light. I created a private FB group with the same name of the clique that he and I were in. There’s no point to it but that’s okay because it’s just a bunch of electronic bits and bytes bouncing around cyberspace anyway and it’s commemorating a group of teenage boys who would get together and make up wild stories and wilder dreams.
We called our group KittyHawk. This was named after a spaceship in a story I was writing that was named after a location in North Carolina where an event took place that many said was absolutely impossible and would never happen. The spaceship in the story commemorated the dream of the impossible and so did our group of friends. We wanted to be America’s answer to Monty Python. We wanted to make records and movies and publish science fiction books and then make them into movies.
When we decided to form our troupe we were mostly the social misfits of our wider circle of acquaintances. But then we banded together with the cocksure confidence that only comes from being teenagers that haven’t tasted too much of reality. So it wasn’t long before the social misfits were the envy of our wide circle. KittyHawk became a revered name. We became revered.
Then we graduated high school and moved on. One founding member is in Australia, one on Maui, one in Oregon and me in Southern California. But geography didn’t break us up. KittyHawk faded away for the same thing that kills everything eventually and that is time. And while I can cite stories I wrote about time travel and keeping the dream alive as long as one of us still draws a breath it’s a pretty much romantic BS. We never produced a single comedy record or book or film. But the dream we had didn’t die. It just took a backseat to the rest of our lives. That was a great time of my life back then and it was a lot of fun dreaming. But being awake and living a real life is pretty cool too.

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  1. Hello has been a couple of years now since we last spoke. I struggled for a long time with something you posted on myspace that could only have been about me but then I have struggled with many things in my life, alchoholism, drug addiction and just being an overall fool especially where women were involved. when I look back over my life I have many regrets mostly about how I treated people and certain choices that I had made, but for a breif moment when we were Kitthawk...that rare time in my life will always stand out as the best most positive experience of my youth. there was a period of time that I went a little crazy(almost twenty years)and it took nearly dying from a drug overdose to make me realize some things mostly that I had a resposibility to try to be a good father and part of that meant actually being there and being sober, luckily I wasnt a mean or abusive drunk, just a selfish depressed one. I was one of the lucky one who woke up one day and went to an AA meeting. I have been clean and sober for quite some time now and working on a $th step, that is a "fearless and searching moral inventory" this has been a difficult and frightening thing for me to attempt especially knowing that it must lead eventually to a 9th step which would involve my trying to make ammends to all those people I have wronged over the last 30 years of my life, the list is long but with the help of my sponcer and the support of my family I will try. you were a good and true loyal friend there were times when you knew I was an ass and still you defended me, you deserved much better from me then i gave and for that I sincerily appoligize. as for the rest well..its true you know, No matter where you go, there you are