Monday, November 8, 2010

boring stories of...

I could waste the first paragraph of just about all of my blogs directing what music to listen to for a soundtrack while reading. I could. I did only once before writing about fizziwhiz. For today’s soundtrack get out your old Bruce Springsteen LP side two track four.
Kids, teens especially crave a clear identity when growing up. The Facebook personality tests show this. This identity can come from belonging. This is why kids are in gangs. This is why family is so important. This is why my buddy Mike, (hi Mike) will make a high school youth group as inclusive as Jesus would make it to model what the Kingdom is like.
KittyHawk was formed by four guys for reasons previously stated. We all had talents in writing, acting and music and we wanted to be a troupe to show these things off and eventually build an empire that would be a beacon of profound (but funny) entertainment. We intended to set up a foundation for other aspiring kids like us so no one would have to join the military for college money.
As I also stated in the previous blog, this never happened. Something better did happen. Four guys, then six, then eight had a sense of belonging. We were a little family in a big world of teenage anxiety. We had a beach called KittyHawk beach where we would camp out overnight. We’d build a fire, toast to things that we approved and hang out all night.
The next morning we would walk from the geographical center of our universe to the polar center which was Azeka’s shopping center and the International House of Pancakes. Ihop was more of our headquarters than anywhere else. We spent hours there flipping over placemats to write skits or draw cartoons, spaceships or girls.
After high school one member moved to Australia. We changed our group handshake to remember him. Then two more left for the Army.
KittyHawk became what it was destined to be, a legend.

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