Monday, December 19, 2011

The Cool Rock of Truth

I don’t know if this year it’s more than ever. It probably grows every year and my being out of touch with mainstream media makes it seem to grow in long strides. Maybe it’s the little things on Facebook that I have stumbled across that have added to this. What I can say for certain is that this year I feel more nettled than I can remember with the secular humanist views on Christmas and my Christian faith. Things are up stating how the early church hijacked the date from the pagan winter holiday. Christian faith becomes an excuse to laugh or even a punchline when talking about some people. Advertisements tell us forget about The Bible’s moral code and to be good for goodness’s sake. And this year, progressive thinking groups in Santa Monica have exercised their free speech to take up what was traditionally nativity scene space to denounce Christianity. I could go on. But it gets me in even higher dudgeon.

I know some people who would say that the enemy is gaining ground. Statements like that can stir up trouble and panic. Well now, isn’t chaos, panic and disorder the norm in December?  I wish it wasn’t. If I’m going to mention the enemy I think I should say I think one of its tools is confusion, disarray, and distraction from what God wants.

But I wonder what Jesus would do if he was in Santa Monica. He might blend right in with the Bohemian culture there. But I think that he would blend in wherever he went. What would be his reaction to signs saying he isn’t real? Would he have some righteous indignation like at the temple in Jerusalem? I don’t know. It’s a beach walk being tainted, not His Father’s house. But I can say this: The coolest people I know don’t feel like they have anything to prove. They are unaffected by little attacks because they are secure in their knowledge of who they are. I wonder if Jesus would be too cool to get all bent out of shape. He might look a little disappointed. Then maybe he would go to one of the abundant soup kitchens in the area, regardless of who was running it and help out.

When Jesus was humbly born, probably on a summer night, the plan was to show us God in Him. I am not showing what Jesus is like to anyone if I’m blustering on about waves of infuriating dogma. I’m showing my human condition there, not my Lord. The attacks on our faith happened yes, but The Truth still stands like The Rock that He is. No amount of contradiction can take away that He is not only the reason for the season, but for all the truth in the world.

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