Friday, December 2, 2011

Always Sarah

Sarah Marie Faux. Born in an emergency delivery at our home in Kihei, Maui. She brought joy to our family right away. Sweet and amiable, Sarah was a ray of sunshine in our little family. And even when her sister, Naomi, got sick with cancer Sarah peaceably endured the turbulence. Staying at the hospital, being weaned early, moving, and an absence of her mom and dad for days at a time all before she was one year old.

But through it all she patiently stayed that sweet little girl Sarah was.

Sarah lived in the shadow of her boisterous sister. Childcare workers remarked how quiet she was, as if they expected another Naomi. But she wasn’t another Naomi. She was always Sarah.

When we lost Naomi Sarah opened up a little more. She was a big sister now. Her quiet confidence showed in what she did. Whether it was dance, teaching her little brothers to read, or just being herself, she was always Sarah.

Now Sarah is a teenager. Her sly sense of humor and creativity shine in her daily habits and of course in her artwork. We are proud to see her growing into the young woman that God intends her to be. And it warms our hearts to see her today energetic in church and youth activities. Different from the passive baby girl not so long ago. But still, always Sarah.

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