Monday, January 17, 2011

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sanctity of Life Sunday is this Sunday, January 23rd. While there are several issues that I believe strongly in, many of them I think have grey areas and room for compromise. But I can't see abortion as anything more that the murder of an innocent child. I understand that if it were made illegal that it would continue illegally and that there are several serious issues relating to abortion including poverty, teen pregnancy, and other problems that I have no solution for.
Several years ago an idea stuck in my head until I finally wrote it down. It asks the question, what if children knew what their mother did to them and then waited at the door to heaven for them. I have passed the story around and had positive and negative reactions. The story is not biblically sound in the way that if someone has died they are either eternally with God or eternally without Him. There is no waiting room.
The story is fiction and only speculates, what if? It only gives a glimpse of what that waiting area might be like. The story is emotional and somewhat inflammatory.
Because of the controversial nature of the story I did not link it to Facebook. I have only linked this entry. If anyone wants to read The Waiting Ones they may, it is the blog entry just before this one. If anyone wants to share the story this week for Sanctity of Life Sunday they may. Keep in mind it is not pleasant. But if you have strong feelings either way about this issue, I would welcome your comments.

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