Monday, December 20, 2010

What I believe about this time of year.

The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth. The Earth’s axis of rotation is there. The is no landmass, only a sheet of ice that is constantly in motion. Although fish and wildlife have been observed near The North Pole, nothing lives there. This includes any jolly old elf with a toy workshop.
Oh David, how can you say there is no Santa Claus? Well I didn’t actually. Let me tell this true story that is completely unrelated to my life and children just a decade ago. When I was a teenager there was a little girl in my town diagnosed with leukemia. I had only known one other person that had cancer and that took his life. I never knew children could get it. Then right around Christmas she and her family received plane tickets and a trip to Disneyland. It was signed from Santa Claus.
This was before Make-a-Wish was well known. This gift was from a benefactor who wanted to remain nameless. I found out later that a local church had done this. It didn’t take any of the magic and wonder from me. I saw a picture of the little girl with The Mouse. She had a cap covering her head and a shy smile. I was touched. And after years of not believing and even after finding out that a church had done this for the family I believed in Santa Claus. This was not the fat man with the beard and red suit from the Coca-Cola cans. What I believed was that people still can be as if there is a spirit living within them that would do a wonderful thing like that.
Christians, heathens, agnostics and the poor atheists who think that they can be good for goodness sake are all capable of having this spirit in them. It is Christens who recognize it for what it is. Despite our sinful selfish selves, we were created in the image of God and his image is in us giving us a sense of what is right and wrong. Our God wanted to come and be with us so he was born in Bethlehem in order to give us the greatest gift of all. And once in a while if you look you can see God in other people, more than ever this time of year. So let’s all show God’s love in what do and who we are.

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