Monday, December 13, 2010

if you complain nothing happens you might as well not bother

I didn’t complain about Southern California’s weather all summer. We had some record breaking heat waves too. I’m not boasting, I just realize that complaining about the weather won’t change it. Except in the winter I sometimes forget that and whine about the cold.
This past week while much of North America was suffering through a winter storm we here were enduring sunny temperatures in the 80’s. Even my friends in Hawaii were hit with a winter storm. I was loving it.
Later in the winter I’m sure we will have icy mornings. Cold mornings are worse that any other time of cold day. At least I don’t go work outside in the cold any more. When I was a surveyor the most unpleasant cold I think I experienced was in Victorville with temps in the low 40’s but icy sustained winds in the 30’s ignoring every layer of clothing and making me feel like I was in a frigid river.
People who prefer extreme cold to extreme heat tell me that with the cold you can bundle up and move around but when it’s sweltering there is no more you can do. While I agree with this I still prefer too much heat to too much cold. Cold is like death. Heat maybe to but not as unpleasant.
When I started this blog out I was thinking about sharing Christmas memories from Hungary and beginning with the weather in Budapest which was nice. Then I went on and on about the weather. With many cultures that is the most polite topic of small talk. But I will wrap up this weekly blog just thanking anyone who reads this. I have almost 100 entries and it really does matter to me that it gets read. I won’t fool myself into believing that this navel gazing is just to keep writing and shout out in the emptiness.
On the subject of complaining which this entry touches on, I want to state that I will try to never make that the main focus of an entry here. We all get complaining from all sides all day and this should be safe from it. If I managed to not get all abysmal last week around the anniversary of Naomi’s death then I can avoid complaining about chilblains that are my own fault for not wearing socks.
I’ll talk about Budapest next time.

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