Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rusty wheels

Prajna and Harrison were gone for two weeks. They have been back for almost a week and today was Prajna’s first day back at work. With the major summer event over and done it’s time to think about starting up school again.
Two mornings a week the kids clean the house. One morning a week there is piano lessons for Harrison and now Sarah. I want to move chores to the afternoon to make time for schooling. I have math and spelling that I want to do every day for the three oldest. I would like to do more than just those two subjects but there are so many hours in a day. Recently I was stressing that my children may not learn what the Magna Charta was all about. So much to teach. But we have civics discussions lots of lunchtimes. Benjamin asked me about nuclear power and radiation the other evening. I had done research for Icarus and was able to tell him a lot. I think that’s a lot of what Homeschooling is about.
And on that subject of my writing I have dreadfully neglected my blog. The worst part is no one noticed or at least mentioned it. But I don’t write this for attention. This is to keep the wheels turning. I resolved to write every day. Hopefully soon it won’t be just blogging but getting back into a novel. Well there’s rust falling and the sound of metal on metal as the wheel starts again. I better go get my coffee.

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