Thursday, August 19, 2010

hard lessons

Our church in Lahaina had a bazaar once a year. They sold plants and rummage and plate lunches. One year when I was still pretty young I went around selling tickets to a scouting event as a fundraiser. I had the tickets and cash all in an envelope and went only to people I knew and asked if they wanted to buy Scout-O-Rama tickets. I did well. My mom taught at the local preschool and I saw her boss, the director of the preschool. She knew me and her daughter baby sat my sister and I at least once.
Yes she would buy a ticket from me. Then she also asked for me to change her five dollar bill. Later on I realized that I was short five dollars. And then years later I learned about an easy little scam that someone can pull by asking for change during a transaction. My mom’s boss had stolen money from me when I was selling Cub Scout fundraiser tickets.
I don’t think I was ever shocked at this because it was perhaps ten years later when I was a cashier for the summer at Jack-In-The-Box that I was warned against the scam. But I hadn’t forgotten the incident even ten years later. Minutes after the transaction when I discovered I was 5 dollars short I suspected that Mrs. M- had done that but I didn’t want to believe it. I had no problem believing it ten years later because I had grown some and learned more about human nature.
Not all learning is pleasant.

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