Monday, April 1, 2013

Wait, what?

     The last sentence at the end of this blog is true. I was too busy thinking about my short story that I posted for Easter to really consider doing anything special for April Fool’s Day. I suppose if I had thought about it I could have composed some kind of blog entry that was uncharacteristic and attempted to mislead people in one way or another. I don’t know how much effort that would have been.
     April Fool’s day has never been a big thrill for me. It was fun when I worked at the radio station listening to the newsman read a story about the bypass bridge to be built over the airport. I suggested to the morning show host that he play Bobby Vinton, his least favorite artist and go on about how good he was. I guess it’s okay to be on the giving end of pranks.
I remember watching a classic Popeye cartoon though, a long time ago. Bluto kept pulling mean pranks on Popeye and yelling April fool. Popeye got more and more indignant, but Bluto and Olyve Oyl kept asking him where his sense of humor was. By the end of the cartoon, Popeye had had enough, ate his spinach and retaliated in some clever way. As a little kid watching it, I saw April Fool’s day as a day to be mean to people and get away with it in the name of humor.
C’mon David, where’s your sense of humor? Okay, here is my little April Fool’s blog post:
I actually like the Comic Sans font much better than Courier New.  But I don’t like to write much anyway and would rather sit in the sun at a nice sandy beach. Either that or hang out with all my dozens of friends. And I hate cats too.
I don’t know how I could have pulled off a good April Fool’s entry. That’s the best I could do. And it would have fooled no-one regardless of what day it was. I think that part of the reason for that is that I try to have a well defined character in myself. If people know what kind of a person I am, there wouldn’t be an easy time trying to pretend I am anything else.
I was at a party once (no fooling) where I almost got into an altercation with another kid. It was about an ex-girlfriend of mine who this guy was after. I ended up leaving the party early. That night someone slashed the kid’s tires. A lot of people figured it was me. But the girl the quarrel had been about told everyone that it wasn’t me. She was right. I didn’t do it. The fact that she was convinced that it wasn’t like me to do a thing like that was heartwarming that people thought highly of me. But it was also encouraging to me that I had been doing at least one thing right by trying to show integrity in what I did.
I try to still be like that. So I can’t go trying to fool people. If my kids get up and ask what’s for breakfast I might tell them it’s quinoa.  But even there, no-one would believe me because Monday is the day I usually cook eggs and breakfast potatoes and I dislike quinoa as much as they do.
So happy day-after-Easter. And the first sentence at the beginning of this entry is false.

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