Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Spheres

This week from the “I’m not making this up” department comes a story out of Washington State. A school district came down and declared that students may decorate spring spheres. That is what they wanted them called. Them I am referring to what the rest of the world calls Easter Eggs.

Now I have come out before on my blog and said that I don’t like to write about topical issues. So why don’t I stick to childhood anecdotes and rantings about how much I like coffee first thing in the morning? This story is just a single incident. The morning radio show I heard mention it mostly laughed it off

But I couldn’t get this story out of my head. And I didn’t want to go on some tired harangue about holiday trees and spring spheres and wait a minute an egg isn’t even a sphere, right? And when the morning talk show brought up that an egg is an ellipsoid and how the geometrical community should be offended the host pointed out that if you look at an egg from the top down then yes it at least looks like a sphere.

You just have to skew it and look at it only one way and then it’s the shape you want.

Well I sure do that.

Back to this school district. Do people think that other religions are a study in cultural diversity and Christianity is intolerant so it must be kept out of the schools? Is this the same mentality of another true story about a church that wanted to put an advertisement slide up at a movie theater before the film began? The ad invited folks to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The theatre told them they could only show the ad if the name Jesus was removed. The church invitation was fine otherwise.

Maybe people are looking at Christianity from the top down and only seeing what they want to see. But if you look at an egg or even an ice cream cone and just see a plain circle you are missing something important. And so much of the world is looking at us and only seeing a flat shape.

I take these decrees by the contemporary world personally. I feel attacked when the PC police tries to squash the name of my Lord. I feel I need some strong and witty comeback that will shut them all up for good. But now that seems like sort of a flat way to react. So instead of rising up in righteous indignation I want to consider this:

Jesus showed us that when the population is against you and is insulting you and even physically hurting you that you can pray for them. You can continue to love them and show them the way to God. And this Sunday we celebrate the greatest comeback ever.

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