Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walk of Life

There used to be a time when all the world’s problems could be solved by lyrics to 80’s songs. From heartbreak to self-esteem issues to global hunger and the nuclear arms race the lyrics had it all. “Tell her about It”, “Don’t worry be Happy”, “Feed the World”, “War is Stupid”.
I will not deny that other decades have their share of profound lyrics. Where would some of the 80’s lyrics be without Bob Dylan or Buffalo Springfield? But the 80’s were my decade. Just the other day I was vacuuming while listening to The Cars’ Heartbeat City. I remembered back to when our circle of friends (a.k.a. Kittyhawk) each had their own song off the album. I started out liking the song ‘Magic’ with its typical romantic theme but my friends convinced me that my song was drive because I was usually the one to drive folks everywhere. The song also hints that the singer is the one who will take care of someone. When my friends told me that I realized that about myself and that boosted how I saw myself. A group of girls told me my song was Dire Straits’ “Why Worry”. Nowdadays that ‘why worry’ attitude is a flippancy that tends to annoy lots of people.
So the truth comes down to this: The lyrics don’t solve any problems today except to keep me entertained. Although I wish each of my blog entries could be as profound as Bruce Springsteen’s “No Surrender”. But most of the time they are just entertaining. Sometimes they only entertain me. But I got up this morning and wrote and posted this and that’s good. If I do this every day for a decade what will I have? A long string of observations and memories. All together they will say Don’t you forget about me.

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