Friday, July 9, 2010

this is what I believe

I wrote yesterday that I would do this. I believe in keeping with what I say.
I believe that killing an unborn child is wrong in every instance. Calling it women’s health or reproductive rights is feeble.
I believe that the U.S. government’s policy on immigration is flawed and that businesses take advantage of cheap labor and leaders offer amnesty for votes. I believe that immigrants looking for a better way of life deserve it and that there is no easy solution.
I believe that some issues of social justice are more important than others.
I don’t think U.S. troops should be in Iraq and Afghanistan right now.
I believe that same-sex couples union shouldn’t share the definition of a heterosexual union. But the passionate struggle on both sides is not about semantics. It’s about whether or not homosexuality is right. I believe it’s wrong.
I am certain that there are truths that cannot be denied. In other words, some issues are black and white with no grey area.
I believe that the Bible lays out for us what is right and wrong and that if people only read and pull out sections of it then they do more damage than folks who know nothing about it.
I believe that I am a sinner and that only through accepting Jesus into my life have I been redeemed.

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